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Is your company data lost?
Don´t worry, the chances of retrieving your lost data are very good with our effective methods.
We have the knowledge and experience to recover data from both software and physical damaged storage devices. We can also recover data from corrupt partitions. 

How is it done?

The recovery of your lost data can be done in three different stages, depending on the nature of the problem.

Stage 1
The harddrive file structure is recovered with the help of special recovery software. This is possible if the physical state of the drive is ok. In some cases the sectors of the drive are so damaged, that they cannot be recovered within this stage. If it would be possible to recover data in this stage, the cost for the recovery withyou the analysis would be in between $120 - $350.
*Analysis: $100

Stage 2
If the recovery does not succeed in stage 1, our tecnicians will call you and ask if you want to go further on the the stage 2. 
In this stage external hardware is used to try to communicate with the drive, and some components might need to be replaced to be able to get the drive in a working stage. After that, we try to recover the data again. In this stage we are able to see how much data that can be recovered, and we give you a quote before we proceed with the recovery. In 7 out of 10 cases, this is the most common stage that we are able to restore your data within. If the data is recoverable in this stage, the cost except the analysis* for this will be in between $400 - $950.
*Analysis: $150

Stage 3
If the recovery of the stage 2 does not succeed, we will ask you if you want us to proceed with the recovery trial. In that case we do a stage 3 recovery. This is the most expensive stage, and usually our customers only choose this stage if the value of that lost data is worth very much. Almost all the components of the drive are replaced and replaced with advanced techniques. Even if there are a great deal of damage to the harddrive, the data in this stage can be recovere in 9,5 out of 10 cases. The cost for this recovery , except the analysis, will exceed $1200. 


In all the above stages we are very clear with all the costs for the different stages, leaving you as our customer with no suprises throughout the process. If you decide to stop in any of the stages, you only pay us for tha analysis of that stage. 

Your data is handeled in a secure environment and according to the law of that state.